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Extenuating Circumstances Portico Workflow

11 June 2021

Information about Extenuating Circumstances Portico Workflow

Academic Services has kicked off a piece of work to build an Extenuating Circumstances workflow in Portico.  We are currently in the requirements gathering phase and have created a Working Group of stakeholders to help guide the process.  Timings of when a solution could be implemented are dependant on the complexity of the requirements, but the goal would be to implement a workflow during the 2021/22 academic year. 

The benefits of using Portico for this solution include improving the student experience by processing requests more efficiently as Portico holds the supporting data, improved GDPR compliance, enhanced reporting and improved data quality.  The student’s modules and assessments are stored in the system eliminating the need to transpose this detail onto separate forms which introduces data errors delaying the process.  The aim would be for decisions (e.g. deferrals) to be recorded directly onto Portico, avoiding the need for double entry and delays. 

In order to properly capture the EC against the right assessment a data quality check may be necessary as well as a data collection exercise to capture due dates of assessments. This data can also be re-purposed in the future in other systems (such as Assessment UCL).  

More information will be provided in future newsletters as this initiative progresses.  If you have any questions, please feel to contact the team on:  academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk