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New Degree Apprenticeships Framework

1 July 2021

The new Framework includes forms and templates for Departments to use to ensure compliance with Ofsted requirements and funding rules

UCL’s new Degree Apprenticeships Framework forms the backbone of UCL’s operation in this area. It is published in the Academic Manual for the first time for the 2021-22 academic year and will be reviewed and developed each year to ensure that up-to-date advice and guidance is provided to UCL Departments and Faculties offering degree apprenticeships. Those Departments and Faculties should ensure compliance with the Framework next year, supported by the Academic Policy and Quality Assurance team in Academic Services as required.  

In addition to setting out UCL’s institutional approach to degree apprenticeships and their governance, the Framework includes the forms and templates that will help Departments manage degree apprenticeships in a way that ensures compliance with external requirements. These annexes are listed below with a brief description of what they are used for. 

Feasibility Assessment template (annex 11.1) 
This is an additional step to the programme approval process for degree apprenticeships to help degree apprenticeship proposers ensure that the programme is set up in a way that is aligned with the external compliance requirements. 

Internal Quality Review (IQR) Degree Apprenticeship Guidance (annex 11.2)
This is guidance for IQR Review Teams when reviewing Departments that offer degree apprenticeships. 

Template for Annual Evaluation of Degree Apprenticeship Programmes (annex 11.3) 
This is a template for the annual evaluation process for degree apprenticeships that complements the existing UCL quality review processes and is required for each degree apprenticeship programme annually so that an institution-wide self-assessment can be completed as required by Ofsted.

Initial Assessment template (annex 11.4)
This template is for Departments to use and complete for each applicant before the start of their programme to evaluate whether the applicant has any prior learning that could be taken into account, that the degree apprenticeship programme is appropriate for the apprentice and that the necessary support mechanisms are put in place for the apprentice. A thorough and evidenced Initial Assessment for each apprentice is a requirement set by Ofsted as well as the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The Initial Assessment must be saved in the apprentice file by the Department. 

Commitment Statement and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) template (annex 11.5)
The Commitment Statement and Individual Learning Plan is the most important document for all degree apprenticeships. The Departments must complete all sections with the employer and apprentice and save the fully signed document in each apprentice’s file.  

Degree Apprenticeship Programme Director and Lead Administrator responsibilities (annex 11.6)
This document helps Departments to ensure that Programme Directors and Administrators for degree apprenticeships know what is required of them in running degree apprenticeship programmes in addition to the responsibilities for standard degree programmes. 

Employer Handbook template (annex 11.7)
The aim of the employer handbook is to ensure that the employers have all the necessary information on the degree apprenticeship programme in one place with the relevant contact details for colleagues in the Department. The employer handbook must be completed by the Department for each degree apprenticeship programme and provided to the employer(s) as part of the employer on-boarding process. 

Departments and Faculties running degree apprenticeships, or planning to do so in the near future, will be invited to a workshop in the early autumn where the new Degree Apprenticeships Framework and its implementation at Department and Faculty levels is discussed in further detail. In the meantime, Departments and Faculties can get in touch with the Academic Policy and Quality Assurance team at degreeapprenticeships@ucl.ac.uk.

Ofsted became the inspection body for Degree Apprenticeships also at levels 7 and 8 on 1 April 2021, meaning that UCL is now subject to their Education Inspection Framework. A Monitoring Visit is expected to take place at UCL anytime in the next two years and a full inspection visit will follow. The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) separately monitors providers’ compliance with its funding rules. It does this through regular audits of providers.

New regulations:  

Chapter 11: Degree Apprenticeships Framework