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Internal Examiner Appointments

1 July 2021

The Internal Examiner appointment criteria have been simplified and aligned with the new Teaching Concordat.

Following the adoption in September 2020 of the UCL Teaching Concordat to promote equality of status and esteem for Teaching Fellows, the opportunity was taken to launch a wider discussion about whether UCL’s current regulations for Internal and Assistant Internal Examiners – and Exam Boards more generally - remain fit for purpose. A survey with open questions was launched in the autumn of 2020 and the responses are informing an extensive review of policy and processes.

For now, some small amendments have been made for 2021/22 to reflect the Teaching Concordat and simplify the wording. The underlying principles - that examiners should be suitably experienced and have been involved in teaching on the programme/module concerned – remain the same.

The new regulations include:

  • Simplification of the rules around which members of staff can act as Internal and Assistant Internal Examiners, to align with the Teaching Concordat and to clarify the status of non-UCL staff, researchers, honorary staff etc.
  • Removal of the annual approval process for all internal/ assistant internal examiners. Only new appointments need to be approved by the Chair of the Exam Board and the Chair of the Faculty Exam Board. The full list of examiners just needs to be confirmed by the Chair and reported to the Full Board of Examiners meeting.

New Regulations:

Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes

  • 13.4: Faculty Boards of Examiners, Section 13.4.1, paragraph 4.d)i. & Section 13.4.2, paragraph 4
  • 13.8: Internal Examiners, Section 13.8.1 & Section 13.8.
  • 13.9: Assistant Internal Examiners, Section 13.9.1, Section 13.9.3, paragraph 1 & Section 13.9.4, paragraph 1