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Internal Examiner Consultation

23 January 2021

Are you an Internal Examiner? UCL is consulting on the regulations

Why are we looking at Internal Examining?

  • New Teaching Concordat
  • Over-recruitment of students in 2020
  • Reducing Workloads initiative includes minimising amount of time departments spend on Exam Boards, Sub Boards etc.
  • Ensuring that Postgraduate Teaching Assistants are treated fairly
  • New UCL Personal Relationships policy
  • Recent standardisation of assessment regulations
  • New digital assessment platforms

What are we looking at?

  • Who can act as an Internal or Assistant Internal Examiner? How does this vary across disciplines?
  • How should we involve staff who are not on ‘academic’ or ‘teaching’ contracts e.g. researchers, clinicians, lab technicians, honorary staff, NHS clinicians?
  • How important is it that an examiner is (regularly?) involved in teaching on the programme?
  • What criteria are needed for ‘emergency’ appointments, e.g. if a programme has over-recruited?
  • What training and experience do examiners need?
  • How do examining teams calibrate their understanding of the assessment criteria, both internally and against national standards?
  • Should newly-appointed examiners have a mentor?
  • Do we need to reconsider the role of Exam Boards and/ or Internal Examiners in light of recent changes to the assessment regulations which reduce the need for extensive deliberations?
  • Do all Internal Examiners need to attend the Exam Board?
  • Should UCL introduce a third category of ‘Senior Internal Examiners’ who are responsible for managing the assessment process and who are the ones to attend the Exam Board?
  • Should UCL introduce ‘Module Boards’ for markers to moderate and agree component and module marks, and ‘Award Boards’ with a more limited membership which oversee progression, award and classification decisions?
  • Appointments currently have to be approved by the Faculty Board of Examiners - is this necessary? If not, what would you recommend instead?
  • Examiners currently need to be reappointed annually - is this necessary? If not, what would you recommend instead?
  • How else could the appointment process be made less onerous?
  • The current rules on conflicts of interest are quite detailed. How could these be simplified?

An online feedback form has been set up: UCL Internal Examiner Consultation

You can respond as an individual or group – e.g. you might collate a response from your Board of Examiners, Departmental Teaching Committee, Faculty Board of Examiners or any other group with a particular interest in internal examining.

The consultation will run from 2 November 2020 to 1 February 2021 to give committees time to meet.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk