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Preparing for the January 2022 Student Welcome and Induction

9 December 2021

This article includes important information to assist with planning your January Welcome and Induction events


We can’t quite believe we’re already talking about January but here we are! This January, we will be welcoming Postgraduate and Affiliate students to UCL, as well as students who have been studying remotely for term 1 but are now arriving on campus for the first time. We want to make sure that though the numbers may be smaller, students still experience the great buzz the September starters received.  

We’ve collated some important updates and information for you below but if you have any questions about the January Welcome, please use the SWI Teams site or email welcome@ucl.ac.uk

What’s new for January Welcome and Induction? 

The Welcome to UCL app has been withdrawn, and instead we encourage students to download the UCL Go! app which has embedded some key features useful for New Students and will support students throughout their time at UCL. The UCL Go! app will undergo further developments ready for the September 2022 new starters – so please watch this space.  

What are the key dates for students? 

When do students receive information on pre-enrolment?

Pre-enrolment emails have started being sent, they are sent once the offer is confirmed and the day admissions transfer them into the records system.

When will students begin to enrol?

Records have already been set up for the majority of new students starting in January and this will continue as they accept their unconditional offers.  Students will get the invitation to pre-enrol the night after their record is transferred from Admissions.  We will complete their enrolment as soon as we can, depending on their visa status.  If we cannot enrol them straight away we will send them a message to explain what further evidence we will need before we do so.  

When will students be able to select their modules?

Module selection will open for students on the 6th January

ID cards* can be collected from the Haldane Room  

9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, 5 January – 11 January (not inclusive of the weekend) 

Biometric Residency Permits* (BRPs) can be collected from G01 Front Quad Pop up  

9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, 5 January – 6 January  

9am – 1pm and 2pm-4pm – 7 January  

From 10th January BRPs will move to G02 in the Chadwick building

*Students must refer to their emails for a link to book their collection timeslot 

Enquiries for Admissions, Enrolment, International Student Support and Visas and can be directed to G02 Front Quad Pop up  

9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, 5 January – 7 January** 

**This date may be extended and any updates on this will be communicated via the Student Welcome and Induction Teams site 

IT support desks at DMS Watson Science Library and the IOE will be open from 5 Jan onwards, 10.00am-16.00pm) 

Are there any social events for new or returning students? 

The Student Union will be hosting events and activities during the week commencing 10 January onwards. The campus will come alive with food stalls, mini welcome fairs, poster and plant sales and some live performances. To keep updated on what the Students’ Union are running please visit their January Welcome Page

Will there be online provision for students studying remotely or starting in quarantine? 

There will be a selection of online events running in January which will be open to all students regardless of whether they are studying remotely or quarantining. To view the list of events please check the event schedule. The list is being updated continuously so please do check back to ensure you don’t miss anything.   

What’s being communicated to students?

From the 7 December, a weekly email will be sent to new students. For 6 weeks, a shorter welcome email campaign will go to Affiliates, PGT and PGR students, with content tailored for these groups. The welcome emails focus on practical information and support and will highlight the college closure dates. 

The January Student Communications schedule and email templates can be viewed here.  

What can you, as staff, do to support the January Welcome and Induction? 

Promote the opportunities and activities on campus and online. Please also encourage students to collect their ID card cards and BRPs (if available) during the larger service days, 5 Jan – 11 Jan, and remind students that they need their student number and some physical ID with them to collect the cards.  

Encourage students to attend the online events, in particular the Support Services event taking place on 12th January which will give students a great starting point to knowing all about their support services at UCL. Students can book the event here  

Ensure that students log in to their portico account to check that they’ve provided us with all the documentation required to complete pre-enrolment. Advise students that if they need any additional support that they should send all enquiries to askUCL.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you’ve found it a useful insight into the plans for January 2022.

Contact details for further information: welcome@ucl.ac.uk