Student and Registry Services


Students Returning from Interruption 

13 August 2021

Students who are due to return from interruption at the start of the 2021/22 academic year have been contacted to confirm they intend to return.

Students Returning from Interruption

Students who are due to return from interruption at the start of the 2021/22 academic year have been contacted to confirm they intend to return. The system is creating as much of their student record (enrolment, modules, assessments, etc.) as possible and they should flow into the re-enrolment and module registration processes alongside other continuing students.  There are a mix of students who requested interruptions from the old (paper based) and new processes.  We have migrated all students who were processed via the old method so their records are aligned with the new process.  These students should now appear in your last container “Interruption of Study - Students Currently on Interruption / Approved and Awaiting Processing”.  

For students on the new processes, the student and department completed the return to study questionnaire listing the modules they need to complete. If the modules are being offered again in 2021/22 they have been automatically added to the student record.  When the student confirms their return, an email is sent to departments listing module records that have/have not been created for the next year. Please be aware that departments have received emails with blank module tables for the old process students since we did not have their module details.  This will continue to happen until all of the old workflow interruptions have finished. Student records will be in touch in September with guidance on module registration for these students. 

2021 enrolment records have been created which will enable visa students to receive a CAS number for their application.  If a student needs a Welfare Review, the 2021 enrolment record will only be opened after the SSW team and Faculty have confirmed their approval for the return via the workflow.

Students Requiring a Welfare Review 

There are 153 students who are required to have welfare review with Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW).  The system will notify SSW as to who these students are and after SSW meets with the student they can put their recommendation for the faculty into Portico. The faculty can approve them online so they will then flow into the return to study process above. We have created video guidance for the workflow which is on the SRS staff hub page.   


Students Requesting not to Return 

If a student indicates that they would like to request another interruption they will be sent to the Portico interruptions workflow. If they indicate they would like to withdraw, Student Records will close the record, a C2RS application is not required. 

The following issues were reported and fixed; 

  • Ensure the approved date is correct in the interruptions list 

  • Ensure only interruptions in DPT/FAC show in 'current interruptions table' 

  • Access table showing multiple departments -display error- fixed 

  • Colleagues should be able to identify who approved the application 

  • Students submission date should be visible.

Any questions for Student Records should be raised through your faculty teams logs.