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Enrolment Processes and Timings

19 August 2021

Enrolment communications have started going to students, this article contains more information on the process

Invitations to enrol have now been sent to some students. 

  • From 2nd August ITE students have been invited to pre-enrol. 
  • From 16th August PGT and PGR students have been invited to pre-enrol. Only students who have firm unconditional offers will be invited to pre-enrol. Once the student completes pre-enrolment their status becomes PE.
  • All students who have now completed prenrolment, and have a status of PE are being checked by the enrolment team in SRS, if they have met the visa requirements and we can verify their identity then we will enrol them, they will become an enrolment status of E*. If the student cannot be enrolled they will be sent a message explaining what information/documentation is required.
  • From 23rd August UG students will be invited to pre-enrol.  
  • From 31st August continuing students will be invited to re-enrol unless they have not met the progression requirements. Once they complete this process they will be fully enrolled (E)
  • From 6th September all new pre-enrolled  students and all continuing students will be invited to select their modules.  

*ET means timelimited enrolment and student needs to settle their fees. ED means the student is a debtor. 

  • Those International students on a programme allowing remote study will be emailed to complete a Portico task on Thursday 26th August. On this task they confirm whether they will study remotely or face to face. Departments will be able to monitor this using the Faculties New Student Report and the Faculties re-enrolment report. This information will also be availble in the Module Registration 'Detailed by Student Selection' report and CMIS. It is not possible to block this for certain students, though it is clearly marked on Portico as ONLY if a programme permits, it is necessary to check what is being completed . For example if your programme does not permit remote study, it would be advisable to check that students are not selecting remotely. If not this could lead to delays in the students being able to enrol.  

Any queries please add them to the Student Records Faculty Teams sites.