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Interruptions Enhancements

19 April 2021

Update on the Portico Interruptions workflow

A Portico Interruptions workflow was launched in February and so far over 200 interruptions have been processed. Thank you for your engagement with the process and your feedback. Over the past few months we have made a few enhancements to improve the experience. They include:

  • Reminder emails for Department/Faculty are being sent once a day for all interruption applications instead of separate emails for each application
  • Reminder emails include a student's programme details and some minor wording has been changed
  • Reminder emails will no longer be sent over the weekends
  • The interruptions report no longer exits the task when an error occurs e.g. invalid stu code
  • The RFT code is visible in the Department / Faculty form, which helps with the Change of Circumstances procedure
  • Support for Safari browser in calculating the default return date
  • Window opens in a new tab when department or faculty select application in the department/faculty view, so they can return to their list of applications after finishing a form
  • Modular flex student in year 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be excluded from applying for interruptions

Student Records have also updated staff FAQs based on some common queries we have received since the process launched:

Interruptions Support: Staff FAQs

The team is currently testing processes related to when a student returns to study (including a new process for the Student Welfare Review) and will update with details in a further newsletter.

Contact details for further information:

Queries about workflow: examboards@ucl.ac.uk
Queries about regulations: academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk