Student and Registry Services


Changes to web content management

30 April 2021

Digital Presence are introducing some changes to web content operations at UCL. These are designed to improve our ability to create and manage high-quality, compliant digital products and will include:

  • A new content manifesto outlining the accountabilities of Site Owners  
  • A new Digital Experience SharePoint site, housing resources, tools and governance info for all involved in digital experience at UCL 
  • New content management roles including:
    • Site Owner: to oversee local faculty/department websites and the people who maintain these
    • Web Content Manager: to create, approve and publish content 
    • Contributor: to create but not publish content 
    • Subject Matter Expert/Content Owner (non-Drupal role): to provide content and be responsible for accuracy

Important changes to publishing rights

In addition to the above, Digital Presence are implementing a limit on the number of users who have publishing rights for each site. The vast majority of users will be given a 'contributor' role and will now have to request changes be checked and published by one of the 'Web Content Managers'. The Web Content Managers are not responsible for the accuracy of the information, but are required to check spelling, formatting, writing style and compliance with accessibility legislation. As the number of Web Content Managers is restricted this will mean an increased workload for those people, and we're currently working to identify which areas would benefit the most from having a dedicated editor. 

Our current editors and authors will recieve further information in the coming weeks to discuss how we might handle implementing these changes and what support is required.