Student and Registry Services


Enrolment Deadlines

28 September 2020

Deadlines for Enrolment and re-enrolment

Enrolment for new students moved on-line to Portico for the start of session 2020.  Well over 20,000 students have been enrolled now.

The deadline for new students to enrol is Friday 16 October.  Students who are made late offers will be told that they must accept these immediately and pre-enrol as soon as they receive the invitation.

Some Faculties have been given an extension to this deadline.  If that is the case, the deadline is Friday 30 October.

Returning students, including those returning from interruption, need to re-enrol on Portico.  The final deadline for returning students to enrol is midday on Friday 30 October.

Please use the Student Enrolment Reports on Portico to check the enrolment status of your students and to remind those yet to enrol that they need to do so as soon as possible, advising of the relevant deadline for enrolment/re-enrolment.  There is a separate report for new and for returning students.  

Please note that the records for any students who have not enrolled by the deadline will be closed.

Contact details for further information: h.notter@ucl.ac.uk