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Academic Misconduct Changes 2020-21

29 September 2020

UCL has agreed a number of changes and clarifications for the 2020-21 academic session

UCL has agreed that some changes made to the Academic Misconduct Policy in 2019-20 in response to Covid-19 will continue apply for the 2020-21 academic session. Some further changes have also been agreed.

Penalty Table – Flexibility

New for the 2020-21 academic session: There is now a process for deviating from the Penalty Table when it is felt that the penalty indicated is unsuitable in light of the particular circumstances of a case. This process will require an exceptional circumstances application to be approved by the Faculty Tutor. Full details are available via:

Covid-19 Academic Misconduct Changes 2020-21

Adjudication of online exam offences

Continuing from the change introduced in 2019-20, Academic Misconduct offences relating to online exams will still be handled in-line with the procedures for non-exam offences in 2020-21.

Expedited Academic Misconduct Process

Continuing from the change introduced in 2019-20, the Expedited Academic Misconduct Process will still be available to Departments in 2020-21. This allows Academic Misconduct cases to be considered without a formal panel process if the criteria are met.

Further information

Full details, as well as details of temporary changes being discontinued in 2020-21 are available via the following page:

Covid-19 Academic Misconduct Changes 2020-21

Contact details for further information: academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk