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Pre-Nomination process and deadlines to nominate Taught External Examiners

3 November 2020

Submit UG and PGT External Examiner nominee details via MS Form found in Ch 9, Section 4 of Academic Manual

Colleagues should submit External Examiner (EE) nominee details by completing an Office Form using the updated requirements as indicated in the Academic Manual. 

Please refer to Chapter 9, Section 4.4.1 (Process of Nomination) of the Academic Manual for further details about the updated criteria and process prior to completing the Pre-nomination form (included in the Academic Manual and provided below for ease):

EE Pre Nomination Details

We request colleagues thoroughly review 4.1 Criteria for Appointment (within Chapter 9) and confirm the nominee fulfils the criteria prior to submitting the Pre Nomination form. 

For 2020-21 AY appointments: please submit the form asap before December 2020 as these EEs are already likely to be involved in reviewing 2020-21 AY work and therefore need an active and formal record. NB: These EEs are not attending upcoming Autumn Boards which relate to 2019-20 AY work. 

For 2021-22 AY appointments: submit by 1st July 2021 so these EEs are in place to start the AY and be involved in work related to 2021-22 AY. NB: These EEs will not attend Autumn Boards in 2021 which relate to 2020-21 AY work.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk