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Tales of working from home: Cats

15 May 2020

We'd love to hear from SRS colleagues about your experiences working from home. Please send any stories or pictures to jamie.middleton@ucl.ac.uk.

Cat sitting on chair

Working from home has been hard for everyone, especially for us - cats. The biggest sacrifice was my privacy. Since ‘working from home’ it has been compromised! I used to use separate bedrooms for morning and afternoon nap, a kitchen for checking on neighbours and a dining room for bird watching every day. Now I can only find peace in the wardrobe upstairs.

Cat sitting by a tree
I can’t stop wondering why my family is now asking me to play outside, while I am clearly an indoor cat. They keep windows and patio doors open all the time while working from home. Don’t they know that I started COVID-19 self isolation even before their working from home?

People are strange sometimes, even though they probably love me to bits. Recently they had a big supply of cat food and litter delivered, the largest I have ever seen. Hope it wasn’t a panic-buying and there are some left for other cats.

As for the rescue cat I feel lucky - my new family cares about me a lot. I get fed more frequent since now they are working from home. I no longer need to mew! All I do is following everybody to the kitchen, which they visit a lot nowadays.

I have to go, it’s time for my afternoon nap. I hope you and your pets are getting on well. My paws are crossed as I hope you go to work soon!