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Examination Papers: Centrally Managed Exams and Industrial Action 2020

4 March 2020

What to do if examination papers are impacted by Industrial Action

The deadline for the submission of examination papers for centrally managed exams is Tuesday 10 March 2020.  All examination papers that are not impacted by industrial action must be submitted to the examinations office by this date.   

Paper Impacted by Industrial Action 

If you are aware that an examination paper that you have submitted will be or is likely to be impacted by industrial action please advise the examinations office by sending an email with a list of impacted modules for your department.   

Revised Examination Papers 

If the examination paper has to be revised because of industrial action, revised papers must be submitted to the examinations office by Tuesday 31 March 2020.  Please note that this is not an opportunity to revise an examination paper that is not impacted by industrial action.  Any amendments to such papers must be dealt with by an errata in the usual way. 

The cover sheet of the Revised Paper must be annotated to state “Revised Paper” – this is to ensure that the correct version of the examination paper is presented to the student on their exam desk. 

Where an examination paper that has been submitted has been “flagged” as being impacted by industrial action and no replacement paper has been provided by 31 March, the original examination paper will be submitted to print and used in examination venues. If students have an exam paper query they will be issued with the usual examination paper query form in the examination hall.  Please note that students will be advised to use the query form procedure to raise concerns that a paper includes a question on material not covered in teaching. 

If any examination papers have not been submitted by 31 March the department will then be responsible for the printing of the examination paper. 

If there is no examination paper submitted by 06 April 2020 (departmentally printed) the exam runs the risk of being cancelled and the exam will then have to run within the department.  In this instance departments will be responsible for managing all aspects of the examination i.e. communication, printing, room bookings, management of students requiring an examination adjustment and general communication to students. 

Mode of assessment changed 

Where the mode of assessment has been changed from examination to another mode of assessment or if the examination component is not going ahead for a module the examinations office must be notified by email so that the exam can be cancelled- in this instance departments will be responsible for communicating to the students



Advise the examinations office of centrally managed exams that are likely to be impacted by Industrial Action 


Advise the examinations office of exams that are to be cancelled 


Deadline for the submission of examination papers 

10 March

Deadline for the submission of Revised Papers impacted by industrial action

31 March

Deadline for the submission on departmentally printed examination papers 

06 April

Contact email for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk