Student and Registry Services


Extension to expected end dates for final year students

4 June 2020

Updating students’ records in Portico in-line with extended assessment deadlines

On 4 June expected end dates were extended in Portico for final year students on academic year duration programmes to 26 June 2020. This action has been taken to ensure that students remain enrolled up to the revised assessment deadlines in place for this summer and continue to have access to Moodle and other online resources needed to complete their studies.

Please note that UCL’s published term dates have not been changed.

We are working with ISD to ensure that access to systems such as Moodle is retained for students with short extensions into late June/early July. Longer extensions will need to be processed via the Portico exam board confirmation task - further guidance on this will be provided.

Contact details for further information: Paula Speller