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By 30 June – Check and update Board Personnel details

23 June 2020

Ensure the correct Board Chairs, Deputy Chairs and Board Administrators (1 and 2) are listed for your Board for the 2019-20 session. DL for completion: 30th June

It is crucial that Departmental teams check the Board details and ensure these are accurate through the Board of Examiners data hub task (within Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab).  

Reminder of two key developments:  

  1. Deputy Chairs and an additional Board Administrator can now share the external examining activities of a particular Board with the existing Chair and Board Administrator.  
  2. Departmental Managers (DM), ELOs and Board Administrators, along with Faculty colleagues can now amend Board Admin access on Portico without having to notify the External Examining team. DMs and ELOs will access Boards within their department.  

Chair changes:  

To change a Chair for 2019-20 session, please complete and submit a Change of Chair form located within Chapter 4 of the Academic Manual. 

Deputy Chair changes via examiners@ucl.co.uk

Please submit the Board code, Board title, name and UPI of your Deputy Chairs, so we can give the correct person access on Portico.  

Admin changes for Board Admin 1 and 2:  

DMs, ELOs and current Board Administrators can access the ‘Appoint administrator to board’ task through the Board of Examiners container on Portico within the Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab. Faculty colleagues who have access to the External Examining Portico tasks will also be able to use this function as required.  

The Student Records team need to provide access to the correct Chair, Deputy Chair and Board Administrators to approve the Exam Board reports. Please complete these checks and submit the relevant information by Tuesday 30th June.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk