Student and Registry Services


Module Catalogue and Module Registration Update

15 July 2020

August 2020 catalogue refresh ahead of module registration in September 2020

2020/21 module catalogue refresh and publication

The information in the 2020/21 Module Catalogue will be refreshed during the week commencing 10 August to reflect the changes that have been confirmed regarding module availability and methods of assessment. The updated catalogue will be published on Monday 17 August. 
Module descriptions

Module descriptions are not being made available for amendment ahead of the August refresh this year. This was supported last year as the catalogue was new. However, if any descriptions contain information that is now fundamentally incorrect, please send the details to the Lifecycle Team (by email or Teams) so they can discuss this further with you. Please note that it will not be possible to accommodate minor or cosmetic changes at this time.

Module registration

The Student Lifecycle Team have received a high volume of diet changes from departments and are currently working through them. The diets will be updated before module registration is opened to students in September 2020.

Contact details for further information:

Module and diet matters – Student Lifecycle Team
Module catalogue publication – Paula Speller