Student and Registry Services


Enrolment 2020

14 July 2020

Arrangements for the enrolment of new and returning students for Start of Session 2020

The Start of Session project team is currently revising the tasks used by students to pre-enrol and enrol.  This year, as part of pre-enrolment, we will ask new students to upload a headshot photo of themselves and a scanned copy of their passport or other approved documentation.    This will allow SRS staff to verify the students’ identity and complete their enrolment remotely.  The photo they provide will be used for their student ID card.

We will confirm to students by email once they’ve been enrolled and they will be all set to access induction material ready for the start of their studies.  We will follow this up with further information about module registration and a request to confirm their location (and time zone) for the start of the academic year.  This will be a way to support your plans for teaching delivery.  We will also invite them to book a slot to collect their student ID card and BRP visa card (if applicable) when they arrive on campus.

We will provide samples of the emails that we will send to students as part of the enrolment process once these are finalised.

Provisional timeline for enrolment 

  • Early August   Pre-enrolment to start for ITE and PG students.  SRS staff to start to enrol students remotely from that date
  • 13 August   A level results day
  • 17 August   Pre-enrolment to start for UG students.  SRS staff to continue to enrol students remotely
  • Mid August  Re-enrolment to start for all returning students
  • Early September Module registration to open
  • 28 September  First day of 2020 academic session
  • 16 October (midday) Final enrolment deadline for new students
  • 30 October 2020  (midday)  Final enrolment deadline for returning students

Contact details for further information: examboards@ucl.ac.uk