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Late Module proposals and amendments

7 February 2020

Guidance on the circumstances in which module proposals and amendments may be accepted after the deadline

The deadline for module amendments is 30 November each year.   

This is to ensure that new modules and amendments can be actioned by the Student Lifecycle team in good time for departments to check and confirm data prior to the publication of the module catalogue in March.

However, there may be exceptional circumstances in which these deadlines could not be met but there is a strong case for allowing the acceptance of late proposals. The way these are considered will depend on whether they are assessment changes that only became apparent after the module has been taught, and which have no impact on diets or other late changes. 

All late amendments will need Faculty approval and departments should seek advice from their Faculty Office in the first instance.

Late Assessment Changes for Urgent Issues

There will be an assessment change window with a deadline of 17 July. This is to enable any significant issues that have been identified with a particular assessment to be addressed and implemented in time for the new academic year, and the updated information to appear in the module catalogue refresh at the end of the July. A module amendment form must be completed as normal.

a. Circumstances in which a ‘post summer board assessment change’ would normally be considered include:

  • Essential or advisory recommendation from External Examiner; 
  • Clear flaw identified in existing assessment (e.g. where a material irregularity has occurred, or where there have been repeated instances of academic misconduct, or student performance is significantly out of line with other modules); 
  • Significant level of student complaints with assessment pattern.

b. Circumstances in which ‘post exam board assessment change’ would not normally be considered include:

  • Preference of new staff member teaching the module for the first time: 
  • General student feedback.

These changes can still be approved for the following academic year.

Other Late Proposals and Amendments

Other module proposals and amendments may be considered after the standard deadline where there is a compelling reason for them being implemented in time for the next academic year.  In these cases, a late review form will need to be submitted with the module proposal or amendment, explaining the reasons why the paperwork could not be submitted on time. Any such late amendments need to be submitted by 17 July so that they can be included in the refresh of the module catalogue. Late amendments will not be reflected in the initial publication of the catalogue in March. 

Consideration of the impact on module registration/diets must also be made. If the late amendment is accepted and approved, the department must liaise with the student lifecycle team to ensure it is correctly set up on Portico and reflected in diets. 

Compelling reasons for which a late amendment may be accepted include:

  • New or changed PRSB requirements; 
  • Unplanned or late staff changes (e.g. owing to illness); 
  • Significant level of student complaints or dissatisfaction with existing module; 
  • Significant problems with module delivery that only became evident after the November deadline.

Changes which affect material information (such as adding or withdrawing a compulsory module) may trigger a programme amendment and require consultation with students, offer holders and applicant.

See annex 7.1.3 of the Academic Manual and the consultation guidance

Note: in-year amendments will not normally be accepted. 

Programme Amendments 

The guidance above relates to modules only.  Please see chapter 7 of the Academic Manual for guidance on Programme Amendments. 

Contact email for further information: lifecyle@ucl.ac.uk