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26 August 2020

SRS Calendar of Key Events 2019-22 now available

The SRS Calendar of key dates and deadlines from across the division is available online for download from the SRS Projects and Events webpage

The calendar takes a new form on previous years and is presented in a three-year view, covering academic years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22, providing key events from SRS and a number of other areas relevant to UCL departments. Dates are tracked against the weeks of each term, highlighting more clearly for departments where there are changes year on year. 

The calendar is available to download in both Excel and Word formats. A number of dates are approximate; please check the webpage for further updates. 

View the SRS Calendar of Key Events 2019-22.

Tips to navigate the calendar in Excel

The following tips will help you navigate the spreadsheet: 

  • Freeze Top Row to retain the header row as you scroll down the calendar (in View tab under Freeze Panes) 
  • Scroll/zoom to see all columns 
  • Use filters to filter the view to events in specific departments, categories or date ranges or a combination of these (click the down arrow button in the first row of the column you wish to filter and select options you wish to view) 
  • Check Term and Week No. columns to see changes on event patterns week on week, year on year 
  • Search for keywords using Find & Select in the Home tab (or Ctrl + F) 
  • Key to Abbreviations is included on a separate worksheet 
  • Dates vs. Term and Week Numbers are also plotted out in a separate worksheet for reference 

Contact details for further information: srs@ucl.ac.uk