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Board of Examiners Data Hub on Portico – New features!

30 April 2020

New features are now available on the Board of Examiners Data Hub task on Portico (within the External Examining container in Awards, Assessment, Achievements tab)

A few new features are available in the BoE Data Hub task which will be particularly useful for Departments and Faculties. You will be able to sort Boards, get a snapshot of which Boards are active using the ‘Board status’ column and at the top level find out the status and number of External Examiners on a particular Board through the corresponding Examiners ‘Current’, ‘Future’ and ‘Historic’ columns. 

Boards that are inactive but have historic data will still be made available on the Data Hub so colleagues can access the information and these will be clearly labelled as ‘inactive’ under the Board Status column.  

We are in the process of tidying up the Board Data Hub so please do get in touch if anything is incorrect, specifying the Faculty and Board Code. 

NB: As we currently can’t have multiple Academic Years (AY) visible at the same time, the BoE Data Hub will reflect the External Examining AY cycle. This is generally the previous AY until April / beginning of May after which the data will reflect the current AY. 

For example: An External Examiner starting in AY 2019/20 will currently appear as ‘Future’ status until April/ May 2020. Once the Data Hub has been rolled over from 2018/19 AY to 2019/20 AY, the status will change to ‘Current’. 

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk