Student and Registry Services


Update on developments for research degree students

4 November 2019

Learn more about the new process launched and work in progress

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Portico process that automates the identification and creation of omitted records on which departments maintain student supervisory information. This background process is important for ensuring that a complete set of information can be recorded in Portico for each research degree student.

Work is continuing on the developments that will enable research students to submit examination entries or apply for completing research status extensions online. Testing of these new processes is currently being undertaken by the Research Degrees Team to ensure they will work as required after the annual system upgrade in December. Further testing will be undertaken by departmental volunteers prior to the launch which is planned for January 2020.

We are also developing a report that will enable research administrators to monitor the progress of the new online applications, from submission by the student through to decision confirmation by the Research Degrees Team. Further details about this report as well as training guides for the online application processes will be made available soon.

Contact email for further information: researchdegrees@ucl.ac.uk