Student and Registry Services


Annual Student Experience Review 2019/20

4 November 2019

The Annual Student Experience Review 2019/20 has been released.

The revised ASER Development and Enhancement Plan has been released on Faculty ASER SharePoint sites.  

The revised plan will enable continual review and update throughout the academic year in partnership with students across all programmes in a department.  For tracking and evidencing progress against the objectives from the previous year, the plans for 2019 have been pre-populated with the objectives from those submitted in 2018/19.

The SharePoint site is simple.  In each department folder, you will find the new pre-populated ASER excel template for 2019/20 for completion along with ASER documentation, IQR reports, survey and careers data to be used in conjunction with UCL Tableau. We have provided a “DASHBOARD and guidance folder”, in which you will find a spreadsheet that gives you a quick view of the most recent survey scores, across the most pertinent categories, as well as guidance documents for supporting the ASER process.  Further information and data will be uploaded in January.

Your Faculty Tutor will be in contact with colleagues and student representatives to arrange access to the SharePoint site.

A completed and approved version of the following documents should be in your Department’s ASER folder on SharePoint for the snapshot by 6pm on the 24th February 2020.

  • ASER Development and Enhancement Plan
  • ASER Departmental SEQ Summary 2019-20

A guidance pack is available in SharePoint and key staff from Academic Services and the Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs) have access to each of the Faculty ASER SharePoint sites to enable us to offer assistance.

Contact email for further information: aser@ucl.ac.uk