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Accessing the new Exam Board reports and processes

30 May 2019

Learn more about Portico access levels for this new functionality

The new Exam Board reports and processes are available on the Awards, Assessments and Achievements page in Portico. Staff with Portico access levels greater than 1 in at least one of the following roles: Mark Entry, Examinations, or Examinations Liaison Officer (ELO), will have access to the containers below:

Exam Board Reports container

Data Quality Reports container

To check your Portico access level, go to: My Portico > Portico Access > View your Portico access level. If you do not have the correct access level, please contact your Head of Department or their nominated deputy who can make the changes required, where appropriate. 

The new functionality in the Progression and Award Process container can be accessed by staff in the following role groups:

Role GroupProgression and Award functionality

Board Administrators or
staff with delegated Board Administrator access

  • Calculate Progression and Award
  • Confirm Progression and Award (Post-Board)
  • Manage Delegated Access for Board Administrators
Exam Board Chairs or
staff with delegated Exam Board Chair access
  • Approve Progression and Award (Chair)
Authorised Faculty staff
  • Manage Delegated Access for Board Chairs
Staff with Portico access level 1 or higher in one of the
following roles: Mark Entry, Progression and Award Process, or ELO
  • Progression & Award Progress Report
  • Progression Status Report
  • Progression and Award Training

Please contact your Board Administrator or Faculty contact in the first instance if you do not have access to the functionality you require. In the absence of the required contact or for more complex matters, please contact the Lifecycle Team.

Next steps

13-31 May: Staff are encouraged to attend one of the training sessions on Exam Board processes prior to using the new progression and award functionality for the first time.

20 May - 28 June: Supported drop-in sessions have been arranged up to the end of June to assist staff with progression and award matters.

6 June: A further demo of the end-to-end process has been arranged for Exam Board Chairs and Faculty representatives. Follow this link for further details and to book a place.

Contact details for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk