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7 May:Undergraduate programme codes being updated

7 May 2019

Learn more about the changes that are being made and what this will mean for you

Programme codes for undergraduate students that commenced the first year of their programme of study in 2018/19 are being updated on 7 May, subject to a small number of exceptions.

These changes are being made to enable Portico to automatically calculate the correct award and classification outcomes for the appropriate cohort of students. 

Changing programme codes in Portico whenever regulations are updated is standard procedure. On this occasion the last two digits of the affected programme codes are being changed to 18 to indicate they are associated with the 2018/19 classification regulations. For example BA Classics is being changed from UBACLASING05 to UBACLASING18 for all students in the first year of their programme in 2018/19. Students in the second year or higher remain on the existing programme codes as they remain subject to the classification regulations in place when they commenced their programme.

A list of the affected programmes with a mapping of the old and new codes is available for information. Programmes exempt from these changes include the MBBS Medicine, all affiliate programmes, and any programmes that were withdrawn in 2017/18.

Work has been undertaken to ensure that the UCL systems that take programme information from Portico continue to operate as expected with the updated programme codes. If you should encounter any issues as a consequence of these changes, please contact academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk.

It is important to note that from 7 May there will be two programme codes in effect for most undergraduate programmes until students on the existing codes complete their programmes of study. Programme titles will not be changing.

Contact details for further information: academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk