Student and Registry Services


7 May:Launch of Data Quality Reports

7 May 2019

Provision of a suite of reports to assist with student records management

New reports will be made available to support staff module mark processing and Exam Board preparations.

The design of these reports takes into account feedback from departments and faculties gathered during Faculty Exam Board Consultations held earlier in the year. Secondees and volunteers from departments have undertaken thorough testing of the reports over the last few months to ensure they support effective student records management.

Mark Entry Progress Dashboard
An overview of outstanding module results (actual and agreed results) for the departments, modules and routes in your faculty.

Individual Student Overview
A comprehensive overview of a student’s programme, module and award information.

Student Programme Status
Information on enrolment, progression and award for either a single student or all students in your department or on a specified programme. This report can be refined to look for students with a particular enrolment status or mode of attendance.

Missing Marks/Grades/Credits (Module level)
All records where the actual marks/grades, agreed marks/grades or credits have not been entered in Portico. This report can be run for a single or multiple students.

Further information will be included in the Portico Training on Exam Board processes for Board Administrators and Examination Liaison Officers.

Supported drop-in sessions will also be provided to assist staff as they prepare for their Exam Boards. Further details about these sessions will be provided.

Contact details for further information: studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk