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31 May - Modules still not linked to External Examiners on Portico for 2018/19

30 May 2019

Links to External Examiners to complete their annual report will not be sent unless modules are linked on Portico (apart from manual payments)

***Please note revised deadline to the one indicated at the Chairs’ Briefing sessions to assist Academic Model Project team support Board teams.***

In order to prepare for the 2018-19 external examining session, please can Board Administrators and/or Chairs ensure that modules are linked to all External Examiners on Portico using the Board of Examiners data hub task (within the Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab) by Friday 31st May.

To reflect the new module coding structure, the Portico screen to select modules will now display the Period and Occurrence of a module delivery alongside the module code and title. Please ensure the correct module is assigned to the External Examiner, paying close attention to the Period and Occurrence columns.

Please note that a single module delivery can only be allocated to one Board. This gives the flexibility to separate out module deliveries between different Boards, however the same delivery cannot be reviewed by multiple Boards.

Modules can be reviewed by multiple External Examiners as long as the modules and External Examiners are on the same Board.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk