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20 May – Board dates still missing on Portico for 2018-19

30 May 2019

Please enter Board dates immediately so Registry teams can support you and External Examiners through the Exam Board process

***In case this was missed in the May AS newsletter, please note earlier deadline to the one indicated at the Chairs’ Briefing sessions to assist Academic Model Project team support Board teams.***

In order to support colleagues with the new Board reports for the 2018-19 external examining session, please can Board Administrators and/or Chairs ensure that all dates for Summer and Autumn boards (including interim, final and LSA dates) are entered on Portico by Monday 20th May.

This Portico task can be completed using the Board of Examiners data hub task (within the Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab).

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk