Student and Registry Services


Graduation deadline for Integrated Masters students

27 March 2019

Integrated Masters students wishing to step off with a Bachelors award and attend a graduation ceremony this year.

Students on an Integrated Master’s Degree who wish to leave in Year 3 with a Bachelors award, can be invited to a Graduation ceremony provided Student Records are informed of this change by the 26 April 2019 at the latest.

The final deadline for transfers remains the day before the start of Term 1 of the Masters year, but transfers after the 26 April 2019 deadline will not be able to attend a ceremony this year, but will be invited to a ceremony in 2020.

For the majority of students a Faculty approved Change of Programme request should be submitted via C2RS by the above deadline.

For students on a Tier 4 visa, please do not submit a change of programme via C2RS, but instead inform studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk of the students desire to graduate with a Bachelors rather than the Masters, including their name and ID number, by the above deadline. Student records will then invite them to a ceremony and amend their record accordingly at the point of award.

Contact email for further information: studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk