Student and Registry Services


Countdown to Exam Boards 2019

29 March 2019

Your checklist of Exam Board processes


Make sure you’re ready for your Exam Boards in June by using the checklist of activities below.


Exam Board Briefings for Chairs, Faculty Representatives and Administrators

25 March - 12 April

Enter assessment marks

March onwards

Test programme rules in Portico

April onwards

Training on improved pre and post Exam Board process on Portico

Mid-May onwards

Marks exchange deadline

10 June

Calculate and process your marks / run progression and award

June: Before Exam Board

Run new reports for presentation at your Board(s)

June: Before Exam Board

Attend Student Records Drop-ins if assistance required

June: Before Exam Board

Hold UG Boards of Examiners (and PGT Interim Boards, where applicable)

13 – 21 June

Confirm module results, interim results outcomes and progression on Portico

By 28 June

Online approval of Exam Board Reports by Exam Board Chairs and Faculties

By 28 June

UCL Results Day

2 July

Pre and post Exam Board process training in Portico for Board Administrators and Examination Liaison Officers is being arranged by faculty. Further information about the date, time and location of the training session for your faculty will be sent out shortly.

Contact email for further information: studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk