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Annual Academic Review

26 March 2019

Where We Are: Update on Annual Academic Review

Thank you to everyone for your work on the Annual Academic Review, which is now closed for 2019/20.

Module Review:
Over 7,000 modules have been reviewed and another 210 new ones created (with work on this still ongoing).

If you now need to amend the Expected Class Size, please email timetabling@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Diets:
Almost 4,000 diets have been reviewed, amended or created.

Programme Summaries:
2018/19 are available to view in Portico.

Module Descriptors:
The detail provided here will now feed into the Module Catalogue. A new task will be available during July 2019 to allow for review and amendment of this content. In future years, the module descriptors will form part of the main AAR exercise.

We continue to ask for your patience whilst we catch up with the large volume of queries we have received relating to the above tasks

Contact email for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk