Student and Registry Services


New submission deadlines for module paperwork

3 June 2019

Earlier submission to meet module catalogue and early module registration requirements

In order to support the new module catalogue and early module registration which will begin next year the following deadlines have now also been amended to 30th November 2019 in line with  recent changes in time frames for programme amendments as approved by Education Committee.

This includes the following requests

  • New modules
  • Module amendments (including where this affects routes and diets)  
  • Major amendments
  • Minor amendments 

This will help us ensure that all these amendments can be actioned by the Student Lifecycle team before the Annual Academic Review period, enabling more effective review of module and programme diet data. Please send all such requests to lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk.

The facility to make late amendments to modules where the need for change only becomes apparent later in the year, e.g. a need to amend an assessment after a module has run for the first time, remains unchanged.

Contact email for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk.