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10 June: Exchange of marks deadline for all taught modules

3 June 2019

Learn more about the importance of meeting this year’s marks exchange deadline

By 5pm on Monday 10 June all marks and grades for undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules must be entered, calculated and fully processed in Portico. It is essential that all departments adhere to this year’s deadline to enable progression and interim result outcomes to be calculated in Portico for all students.

It will only be possible to calculate outcomes for students that have a complete module profile. Where students have missing module results, the process for calculating progression and interim result outcomes will need to be run by Departmental Board Administrators, for individual or groups of students, as soon as the missing results have been entered and processed in Portico.

Board Administrators will be able to undo and re-calculate progression and interim result outcomes where necessary up to the point the outcomes are approved online by the Chair following the Exam Board meeting.

Support for staff

20 May-28 June: Supported drop-in sessions have been organised to provide assistance to staff as they prepare for their Exam Boards. Further details are available in the Drop-in Sessions Update.

6 June: An additional demo of the end-to-end process for Exam Board Chairs and Faculty Representatives has been arranged. Follow this link for further details and to book a place. 

Contact email for further information: studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk