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Late Summer Assessments: Updates

31 July 2019

Information on the LSA examination period 19 August – 06 September

Exam Papers

The deadline for the submission of departmentally printed exam papers is 5pm Monday 13 August if we do not receive all outstanding exam papers by this date we will not be able to run the exam and the exam/s will need to be accommodated within the department.

For all exam papers that were submitted electronically by departments by 10 July we will receive advance copies from the printers and will invite departments to view the exam papers ahead of the exam period. 

Examination Venues

All LSA exams will take place on the Bloomsbury Campus – a full list of venues is on our website.  Please note that the examination adjustment rooms are different than the main examination period www.ucl.ac.uk/students/exams-and-assessments/exams/timetables-and-venues

Late entry in examination hall

Students arriving less than 45 minutes late will be permitted entry into the examination hall but will forfeit any time already elapsed.

Students who arrive more than 45 minutes late will not be allowed entry into the exam hall and will NOT be able to take their exam in the department.

If late arrival is due to sickness or other valid Extenuating Circumstances students should submit an EC form in the usual way 

Please refer to the Academic Manual for full information https://www.ucl.ac.uk/academic-manual/chapters/chapter-4-assessment-framework-taught-programmes/section-4-examinations#4.10

Examination Adjustments

The deadline for the receipt of applications from students applying for examination adjustments for the LSA has now passed.

Late Applications will only be considered if the student has suffered from a sudden illness or accidental injury.  Applications must be received by Student Support and Wellbeing no later than seven calendar days before the examination date.  If applications are received after this deadline then the student will need to apply for a deferral to the next examination period under the extenuating circumstances regulations

Alternative Examination Venue (Overseas)

All students will be expected to attend UCL to take their examinations. The deadline for the receipt of applications to sit exams at an alternative venue was 10 July 2019. Eligible students either were enrolled on a Distance Learning Programme or had been rejected for visa renewal.

Script Collection 10:00 – 17:00 3rd Floor 2 Gower Place

Scripts can be collected from the exams base room the day after the examination has taken place.  Scripts can still be collected on the day from the examination venue just after the exam has taken place.

Scripts will only be released if valid UCL staff ID is provided

Exams Base Room

Script collection 3rd Floor
Main office 2nd Floor
3 Gower Place

Post exam period activity

For a list of key dates for post exam activity please refer to our website

Contact email for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk