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Reminder: External Examiner Nominations and Appointments task

22 February 2019

There are pending External Examiner (EE) Nominations which need to be progressed by the EE or Board/Faculty colleagues. Faculty colleagues have been sent a list of pending EE Nominations and a list of EEs whose term will end in 2018/19.

External Examiners (EE) are required to be formally appointed at the start of the Academic Year. There are a number of pending EE Nominations for 2018/19 which need to be urgently progressed and formally appointed.   
NB: External Examiners do not need login details to access their Portico in-tray as they are sent single sign on links. If they do come across a page which requests their login details, please ask them to contact the examiners team immediately.

Also please check if your EE is in their final year and start to identify a replacement EE for 2019/20. Do refer to the External Examining Section 4 within Chapter 9 of the Academic Manual and submit the Nominee’s details as soon as possible. 

Please do update us at examiners@ucl.ac.uk if any EE is no longer required so we can amend our data on the system.