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Placement Documentation Pack Now Available in the Academic Manual

22 February 2019

The placement documentation pack including guidance documents and agreement templates for Departments to use when setting up work placements has been uploaded to the Academic Manual. This was previously held by UCL Careers and only available on request.

The placement documentation was previously available from UCL Careers on request but has now been made available for everyone to access independently. The pack has been uploaded to the landing page of Chapter 8 of the Academic Manual under the heading Placement Documentation which is at the bottom of the page.

The agreement templates have been updated with GDPR compliant data protection clauses but otherwise the documents and agreement templates are unchanged.

If the student is also employed by the placement provider during the placement or the student will not be required to physically attend the premises of an organisation external UCL during the placement (e.g. data collection only), the Department must contact academic.partnerships@ucl.ac.uk to obtain appropriate placement agreement templates as those are still being revised.

The main Chapter 8 and the Principles for the Management of Placements at UCL policy will be updated for 2019-20 to refer to the new location of the placement documentation.

Contact email for further information: academic.partnerships@ucl.ac.uk