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Cambridge Pre-University (Pre-U) Certificate

This page contains details of the Cambridge Pre-University (Pre-U) Certificate.

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About the qualification

The Pre-U Certificate is a two-year linear qualification, which is considered equivalent to GCE A-Levels. Many students taking Pre-U certificates will also be taking GCE A-Levels. For admission purposes, it is acceptable for students to offer a mixed portfolio of GCE A-Levels and Pre-U certificates. 

Entrance Requirements

A-level gradesEquivalent
A*A*APass at grades D2, D2, D3 in three principal subjects. 
A*AAPass at grades D2, D3, D3 in three principal subjects.
AAAPass at grades D3, D3, D3 in three principal subjects.
AABPass at grades D3, D3, M1 in three principal subjects.
ABBPass at grades D3, M1, M1 in three principal subjects.
Please note that the A*A*A requirement has only been approved for the Mathematics Department and Computer Sciences
A-level gradeIndividual subject grade equivalent (D2, D3, M1,M2, M3, P1, P2, P3 min)
A*D2 in principal subject
AD3 in principal subject
BM1 in principal subject