Pinhole Camera Workshop


Pinhole photography is photography at it’s most basic. In terms of equipment, materials and the physics of light it couldn’t  be simpler.  It is the grounding for all photography.

Materials Required:

Cardboard box or any blacked out container that you can fix a pinhole to and hold light sensitive material i.e. film or paper.

Thin sheet of shim or soft drinks can to make pinhole aperture out of.

Pin and light emery paper.

Black and white photographic paper and or sheet film.

Other materials required may be black paper or black paint, gafa tape and masking tape, knife, scissors …

PDF: Pinhole Camera Workshop


How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera

By using common household materials, you can make a camera that will produce pictures. Making and using a pinhole camera will acquaint you with the basic elements of photography while providing an inexpensive and interesting way to take pictures. This bulletin explains how to make and use two types of pinhole cameras-a cartridge pinhole camera and a can or box pinhole camera. You’ll be proud of the pictures you can take with the camera you have constructed.

PDF: How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera