Free Single-Frame Animation & Time-Lapse

SingleFramer is a frame-capture application for animators. It captures individual frames from an attached video camera, either manually or automatically (time-lapse).

You can turn on “onion-skinning” to see an overlay of your previous frame as you compose your shot. You can also “onion-skin” an existing movie so you can match your setup from one day to the next. (Useful for school situations where you might need to break down borrowed equipment between shoots.) Basic functions can be controlled via Applescript. (see the included scripts)

SingleFramer supports NTSC and PAL cameras. (Sorry, no HD cameras and no digital still cameras.)If you’re looking for full-featured animation software ($$$) that supports HD and still cameras, tryiStopMotion or Dragon Stop Motion. They are both fantastic! Or check out FramebyFrame or zonMotion(both free). Toonloop is a unique option for doing live stop-animation. (Open-source. The Mac version is made with Processing, so it’s easy to edit the code and add your own features.)