Woodworking service London

Our background is in fine art but our roots are in woodworking

To say we are a family firm is perhaps stretching a point: our small company feels like a family and our family’s roots are embedding deeply in manufacturing tradition. Tim, aged 16, was apprenticed to his grandfather in the family’s Yorkshire carpentry business and Roddy’s grandfather was a cabinet maker and furniture designer.

We both left the north of England to study fine art in London: Tim at Chelsea and Roddy at Central Saint Martins and the Slade school. After graduating we became involved in the London art world, which at the time was just beginning to take off in Hackney and Shoreditch with warehouse shows and parties that brought together east London’s flourishing artistic community.

We began working together and became friends at Flint Scenery. Flint’s was a great place to learn about making things. We worked there all hours, turning out theatre sets for Glyndebourne, Opera North, The National Theatre and The Vlaamse Opera.

After that we started London Art Workshop in Hackney, but we quickly found ourselves in demand in the commercial galleries of the West End. We have worked freelance at Sadie Coles HQ almost from the point at which it opened, and formed a close working relationship with Sadie and many of her artists which continues today.

Over time we have re-balanced our practice towards the workshop and wood-based projects, and it is here we feel most at home.

www.londonartworkshop.com   – fine woodwork mostly for artists/ galleries / creative industries in London