easily make an animated gif

CREATE a new file:  72 pixels/inch

1 >go to navigator on right > add layers by clicking on small square with turned up edge

2 >create your images on each layer (rem to click eye on left pic to view individual layers)

3 >click window in top toolbar > click animation, a box will appear at bottom of page >create new layers in this box to correspond to your layers in navigation box. eg: click the layer icon (small square with turned up edge) to duplicate selected frames

4 >rem to apply each layer to your image layer using the eye tool as before. > the speed of animation can be adjusted on drop down menu’s of individual images

Press sideways ‘play’ triangle to view animation


5 >file >save for web and devices >make sure gif is selected > SAVE > you can then drag your saved file into browser to see what gif will look like online!!