Exposure, The Zone System


The  Zone  System is the simplest and best method yet devised for planning an exposure. Created by Ansel Adams and expounded by Minor White and others, it is more than just a shirt-sleeve approach to sensitometry; it is an elegant method of integrating all the decisions and techniques of exposure control. …

PDF: Exposure, The Zone System


What is the Zone System?

The zone system was invented by Ansel Adams, one of the most famous photographers ever. He was a master of technique, and had an eye for light that few are blessed with. His photographs were the result of a happy combination of comprehensive technique and the knack of taking a picture when the light was at its best. A distinguishing feature of  his black and white photographs is how light and dark areas play off each other in an instantly appealing manner.

PDF: What is the Zone System? part 1

PDF: What is the Zone System? part2