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Use learner case studies to market your course

Writing up case studies or filming a short interview from learners who've completed your course is a powerful way to attract learners the next time you run it.

Surveys such as the Edelman Trust Barometer consistently show that people trust 'someone like them' when making decisions about organisations.

Satisfied learners can explain how your course helped them to develop their career or passion. This might persuade others to sign up to your course.

Case studies are also a useful way for you to get detailed feedback about what went well on your course and what you can improve.

Case studies work best if they:

  • are short and relevant
  • include the kind of learners that you want to attract again in the future
  • are offered in different formats (written, audio and video)

You could:

  • publish it on your own website
  • use quotes from it on social media

Make sure you get permission from learners before using them in any marketing you produce.

Case study examples

Case study questions

You could interview one of your former learners face to face, or email them a list of questions.

You could ask:

  • What motivated you to sign up for this course?
  • What did you hope to learn/achieve on this course?
  • Why did you choose this course at UCL?
  • What was your favourite aspect of the course?
  • What did your employees find engaging about the course?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • What surprised you?
  • How did UCL add value to your business?
  • What impact has this training had on your business?
  • What have you done since completing the course – have you made any changes?
  • What would you change about the course?
  • Are there other topics you would have liked to explore?

If you're interviewing a representative from an organisation, you could ask:

  • What were your organisation’s needs?
  • Why did you need training?
  • How did UCL/your department offer a solution to the organisation's problem?
  • What impact has the training had on the organisation's business/staff/customers?