Short courses - staff resources


Course review

Conducting a review of your course is crucial to ensuring its quality and that it will provide the best possible experience for your learners. A review might take place before the course launches for the first time, or after it has seen a significant revision, perhaps in response to feedback. 

Face-to-face short courses 

For short courses taking place on campus, you may like to identify a critical friend, likely from your department, to review your course or session plan, considering aspects such as its sub-topics, structure, and learning activities. 

Online and blended short courses 

For online and blended short courses an academic review is also recommended, but the course itself is also subject to a quality assurance (QA) review covering functional, educational, and legal (e.g. copyright) aspects of your course. 

The QA review for UCL Extend and FutureLearn courses is conducted by the Online Learning team. UCL Extend review forms are available to download at the start of your development (UCL Login required). 

Submit a course for review 

To submit your course: 

  • Contact extend@ucl.ac.uk with the title of your completed course, intended launch date, and request for review. 
  • Your review will comprise educational, functional, and any relevant legal feedback from the Online Learning team. 

UCL Extend courses should be supplied for QA a minimum of 2 weeks prior to their intended launch date, while FutureLearn stipulates a 4 week QA period. These periods enable feedback to be provided and addressed. If these deadlines cannot be met for any reason please make contact with the Online Learning team as soon as possible.