Short courses - staff resources


Short course planning

You should go through these steps before you submit your short course for approval.

Check the need for your course

Check whether there's likely demand for it, whether it's offered already, and whether learners would want to do it at UCL.

Decide who needs your course

Knowing who your potential audience might be is vital for course design, pricing and marketing.

Identify your competitors

Knowing the competitive landscape is essential for targeting the right audience.

Decide how to deliver your course

Your course could be online, face to face or blended.

Choose the appropriate online platform for your course

You can offer an online or blended short course through UCL Extend or FutureLearn.

Check if your price is competitive

Work out your development and running costs before calculating your course price.

Create a description of your course

Your course description is the most important piece of marketing content you'll produce.

Decide how you'll market your course

You'll need to show that your course can attract learners, and how you plan to market it.

Get your short course proposal approved

Before you design your course, you'll need to submit a proposal that UCL can approve.

After your proposal is approved

Once you've received approval you should familiarise yourself with any development checkpoints.