Short courses - staff resources


Documenting contributions to UCL short courses

UCL short courses may be offered online through the UCL Extend Platform, in-person or through a blended mode combining online and in-person delivery.

Anyone who has contributed study material to the development of short courses, is required to sign a legal form, as explained below, and return this to extend@ucl.ac.uk as part of the course launch process

UCL Staff

If you have an employment contract with UCL, you should sign and return the UCL Staff form. 

If you do not have an employment contract with UCL but you nevertheless consider that you should be regarded as a member of UCL staff, please get in touch at extend@ucl.ac.uk to discuss further.

UCL Staff Consent and Waiver Form

External contributors

External individuals and companies will need to sign a different form. Please answer the following questions so we can send you the correct form for your situation.

External Legal Form Request

The relevant documents must be returned to the Online Learning team. If you are unsure of what needs to be signed or have any questions about these documents, please contact the team