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Listing and downloads of IRDR special reports, special papers, and IRDR annual reports

Annual Reports

In these reports, we highlight the achievements and progress of the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction in the respective academic year; as we continue our vision for the IRDR to lead and coordinate UCL research, knowledge exchange with industry and humanitarian agencies, and advanced teaching in risk and disaster reduction.

Annual Report 2022–23

Read more about our recent work and achievements in the latest Annual Report. This year, we moved to a solely online format to support our commitment to sustainability and accessibility and inclusion.
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Annual Report 2018

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Special Publications

Occasional Papers

Conference Summaries

IRDR 13th Annual Conference: Risk Without Borders, 22 June 2023
Full event details
Conference report (pdf)

IRDR 10th Annual Conference: COVID-19 – A Global Perspective, 15 July 2020
Full event details
Conference report (pdf)

UCL Humanitarian Summit, 9 July 2022 
Full event details: The climate and Covid-19 humanitarian crises, and BSc launch