Research Integrity


Museums, heritage and cultural collections

UCL Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee

The committee advises on matters of strategy and policy relating to UCL's culturally significant collections of objects, rare books and archives, with special emphasis on UCL-wide compliance with relevant policies, good practice in collection management across the organisation, and effective deployment of UCL cultural assets in teaching, research, innovation, engagement and fundraising. 

UCL Cultural Property

Cultural property is broadly defined as 'individual objects, collections, specimens, structures or sites identified as having artistic, historic, scientific, religious or social significance'. This includes archaeological material. 
Anyone bringing cultural property onto UCL premises is required to register this material with college. Please check the local requirements within your faculty/department, e.g. 

Human Remains at UCL

UCL Council has approved a 'Policy, principles and procedures for the care and treatment of human remains at UCL', which complies with the statutory requirements of the Human Tissue Act (2004) in respect of human remains less than 100 years old and with the governmental advisory standards set out in the 'Guidance for the care of human remains in museums' (2005). 

Museums and Collections

Further information about museums and collections at UCL, including contact details can be found via the UCL Culture home page.