Institute of Archaeology


UCL Cultural Property Policy Guidelines

Anyone bringing cultural property onto UCL premises is required to register this material with college. The Institute of Archaeology offers support for this, with Ian Carroll acting as Cultural Property Liaison Officer. 

Cultural property is broadly defined as 'individual objects, collections, specimens, structures or sites identified as having artistic, historic, scientific, religious or social significance'. This includes archaeological material.

When bringing cultural property into the Institute of Archaeology, you will first need to fill out an Object Entry Form; this should provide clear contact details for yourself, as well as the actual owner of the material, give an idea of its nature and the quantity being brought into the Institute, and indicate when it is due to be returned.

Please consider the status of any material that you accept onto the premises. It should be here with the knowledge of and written permission from its legal owner. Any imported items must be compliant with antiquities law and the export regulations of the country of origin, as well as in the UK. You should also have sufficient funds in place to return the material once your research is complete.

All forms should be submitted to Ian Carroll before anything arrives on the premises. Please contact Ian if you have any further queries.

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