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About Microbiology@UCL

Microbiology@UCL is a consortium of researchers with interests in microbiology across a wide range of faculties, schools, institutes and partner organisations.

Microbiology at UCL

Despite their mostly bad reputation, most microbes are beneficial and/or essential to many aspects of our lives. Microbiology is the study of all microscopic organisms including bacteria, archaea, viruses and eukaryotic microbes such as yeast and protists.

Microbiology@UCL is a consortium of researchers spread across several faculties/schools/institutes and at our partner organisations (including Faculties of Life SciencesMedical SciencesEngineeringMaths and Physical SciencesSchool of PharmacyGOSHIGHISMBUCLH) fascinated by various aspects of microbiology. The research ranges from the fundamental understanding of how microbes function and interact with their environment and hosts, to the use of microbes as biological sensors or factories for producing high-end valued products. 

Our main objective is to conduct research that addresses some of the world’s global problems, such as tackling communicable diseases and antimicrobial resistance to developing healthier environments. We aim to do this by fostering and promoting collaborations across UCL and beyond. 

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